Life can be stressful. Your business doesn’t have to be.

When you think about your business, does your giant to-do list totally stress you out?

Would you rather stick hot pokers in your eyeballs than proofread and edit your website content, email newsletter, or manuscript? Does maintaining your online community feel like a dreary full-time job, draining all your energy?

You know that old joke, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel – or a train”?

I am the light in your darkness: the superstar Grammar Nerd every entrepreneur needs. I provide strategic and operational support, taking care of the crucial but mundane time-sucks, so you can focus on doing what you love, and spending more time with who you love.

Imagine having the flexibility to focus the majority of your time on vision, strategy, brand awareness, and developing new partnerships in your business!

Sounds like a dream, right? But it doesn’t have to be just a fantasy.


Online Community Management

Optimization of social media account settings, acting as online community moderator, engagement management.

Podcast Support

Coordinating/liaising with guests, researching for guesting opportunities, content repurposing.


All of your content needs to be clear, error-free, and polished. That’s where I come in!

Website Content Management

SEO assessment and adjustments, content updates, blog post formatting and scheduling, image optimization.

I am the wizard behind the curtain! My clients’ success is MY success.

Based in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC, Canada, I work virtually, taking care of things behind the scenes so you have the freedom to work ON your business, instead of IN it.

With over 20 years’ experience as a Legal Administrative Assistant, a decade as a silversmith, and over six years of entrepreneurship providing strategic and operational support to small business owners, I can be your brainstorming partner and keep you organized while we implement your exciting ideas and growth strategies!

Anastasia Olson | Windsong Business Services | strategic and operational support

Client Testimonials

I want to thank you for how easy you have made it to hand work off to someone else. I’d been resisting doing this for a long time and was nervous. But you have been extremely easy to work with and have freed up much time for me to focus on serving my clients. This is an amazing direction for where I want my business to grow. Thank you again!

Holly L.

Anastasia jumped in to assist with an urgent project and she nailed it! She gave me great suggestions, asked all the right questions, and her work was very high quality. Anastasia has a high-level skill set and is a pleasure to work with.

Laura K.

Anastasia came to my rescue when I needed a few photos edited in a hurry. What she did with my images in the amount of time that was given was purely magical, and the end results are as high quality as you can get.

Elizabeth B.

How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

Are you stressed out over the 950 things on your to-do list?  What do you think you could accomplish if you had 5-10 more hours per week – without spending it on all those tedious but crucial behind-the-scenes tasks?