Anastasia Olson | Windsong Business Services | Outsourcing Worksheet

So you know you want – and need – to delegate some of your never-ending admin tasks, but you don't even know where to start.

Click the button below to download my worksheet that will help you figure out what to outsource.

  • In Column A, make a list of all the things you do in a week related to your business.  With each of these tasks, be mindful of how much time per day / week / month you spend on them.
  • In Column B, put the items that you must do yourself (hint: if it's directly related to your clients/customers paying you, it probably belongs here).
  • In Column C, put the tasks you dislike, you're just not good at, or don't even know how to do.
  • And finally, in Column D, put the things that you don't mind doing, but you know that they're not the best use of your time.

The tasks you've placed in Columns C and D are the ones that are consuming too much of your life.  I can help get that mountainous to-do list off your shoulders!